Rhett Butler

           DM Tested - Clear/Carrier (not affected)
              OFA - Fair Hips/Normal Elbows                                                        90 lbs    
                                   AKC Registered                    

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Rhett is our main stud.  He is the son of VA1 Ron vom Valtenburg and Viki Kirhanstal, a Bulgarian import.  Rhett's is the first generation to be born here in the U.S. from his parents' lines.  He has a muscular build and wonderful markings.  His disposition is one of compliance and gentleness.  Rhett has an eternally long fuse, is so patient with our young dogs, and is very easy for the other dogs to get along with.  He is very smart and is always observing the "feel" of the room.   We always laugh at him when one of the other dogs has to be corrected.  Whenever we use our "parenting tone" on one of the other dogs, he acts as if he's guilty too and is trying to make amends for something he didn't do!!

We brought Rhett into our home as an adult and there have been rules of our household that we've had to instruct Rhett on only one time.  He desires so much to please us that he works hard to follow the rules and learn everything we expect of him the first time he's told.

Delta is the dog we use to evaluate the new puppies and the adult dogs we bring into our home, and she immediately liked Rhett and was at ease with him.  Delta was not watchful or nervous of him at all around our kids.  She has never missed the mark in her assessments and this time was no exception.  Rhett was immediately enamored with Delta and worked very hard to follow her lead, knowing (as they innately do) that Delta is deeply devoted to this family and expects no less from the other dogs. 


He is a very balanced watch dog, gentle with our kids, well-mannered when eating, and has no desire to be the head man in charge.  He is my shadow and looks to me on a constant basis confirm to him that he's doing a good job being Rhett!  He's got great manners in the house and is never under foot.  He has so many layers of goodness that we just keep discovering the longer we have him.

He is a highly fertile stud and is an excellent producer.  We are humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to bring Rhett into our lives and home.  We have had the very rewarding task of helping him to grow and develop, and in turn somehow it always happens that in the process of "growing" them, we grow and become better trainers and more insightful leaders for these animals.  Rhett is truly one of the sweetest studs we've ever had.

Rhett has an excellent pedigree.  His father is IPO1  KKL1 VA1 Ron vom Valtenberg.  His mother is Viki Kirhanstal.  His pedigree is filled with recognizable names such as Vegas du haut Mansard, York von Ljulin,  and Fred vom Rumbachtal.  

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IPO1 KKl1 VA1 Ron vom Valtenberg                        (Germany)
                             HD/ED:  A1/Normal  (SV)                  

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Rhett's Parents

Viki Kirhanstal_edited.jpg

Viki Kirhanstal
       (Bulgarian Import)      
HD/ED:  A1/Normal (SV) 

   Delta von Rogenkamp        OFA: HD/ED: Good/Normal                     DM Clear                                     Weight: 78lbs 
               AKC Registered              


Our dam is our black female, Delta von Rogenkamp.  She was born to be a mother and does so to perfection. Delta is a wonderful female in everything from her consistent calm temperament and beautiful coat to her remarkable agility. She is gentle with and respectful to our children and our hearts rest easy knowing that Delta is always watching out for our family.  Our kids affectionately call her "Black Death" after the Cape Buffalo because she is fearless and ready to protect them at all times.  Delta holds herself and the other dogs to the highest standard when it comes to how our kids are to be treated. Every night before she goes to sleep she has to make her rounds, checking on each kid to make sure they're where they're supposed to be.  She is the perfect balance between being actively engaged and knowing when to sit on the sidelines.  I can count on her to teach our upcoming puppies everything she knows and to always make sure that the rules are being followed.  Delta leads by example through her obedience and submission to us.  She is that once-in-a-great-while wonderfully balanced den mother.  Delta is my friend and my right arm and always has my back.  I cannot imagine my life without her.  


On Delta's sire's side we have the accomplished P Jarro von Spartanville, SCHH3 Falk von der Fluer, SCHH3 Sirena v Haus Antverpa, and ZM, ZPS1, SCHH3, IPO2, ZVV3 Urxi z Blatenskeho zamku.


On her dam's side there's KNPV, PH1, MET LOF Fero Vom Badomar, VH3, IPO3 Rambo von Tiekerhook, VH3, IPO3, WUSV G Doeska von Badomar,  IPO3 Birke von Tiekerhook, and the very accomplished IPO3, 3x WUSV, PAK 1998 1 degree, SCHH3, VH3, VZH Omar von Kahlenbach.


The kids put them on her and she kept them on!


Kota von Shepherd


Delta's Parents

Sheba - Delta's Mom.jpg

Sheba von Shepherd

Photos of Kota and Sheba are used with the permission of the Shepherd Family (yes, the family's name is Shepherd).

         Pepsi De Panait                                          A.K.A.                                     Patriot or The Fonz    
           German import 
AKC Registered                          DM Clear by parentage
             Hips/Elbows: TBA

Patriot stacked facing.jpg
Patriot headshot 11 months.jpg

Patriot at 11 months old

Patriot stacked side.jpg

This is our German import and next stud hopeful, Pepsi de Panait.  Because he was named in another country, we cannot change his name on paper.  However, he answers to Patriot.  Our kids call him "The Fonz" because he truly believes that he is irresistible to our females, and because he really believes in his coolness.  Patriot is an unbelievable young dog already at 11 months old.  He reminds us a great deal of our first male, Gunner.  There is nothing that Patriot is not willing to learn, nothing that he is afraid of, and there is no limit to how kind and tolerant he is.  Patriot is a natural born alpha, but is smart enough to know that his time has not yet come.  He gets along well with the other dogs and has learned so much from them.  True to his Fonzie nickname, Patriot always keeps us laughing and rolling our eyes.  He has no concept of being anything less than as cool as he thinks he is.

Patriot has an excellent temperament and is wonderful with our kids.  He absolutely loses his mind every morning when the kids wake up and has to climb into their laps and spend a few minutes saying hello.  He is very affectionate and is constantly trying to convince us that we would be more comfortable with him in our laps!  Patriot is great at alerting us to situations that need attention, but he is not an over-barker.  He does his job and then moves on.

Patriot is courageous, bold, strong, smart and handsome.  If he continues on this trend, we expect him to be a superb animal.  He is DM Clear by parentage and comes from lines that are consistent in high quality hips and elbows.  His lines are fully titled.  We have high hopes that Patriot will develop into an amazing producer here at Liberty's West German Shepherds.

Patriot's sire is BH IGP1 Enzo de Panait, and his grandfather on that side is Reserve Seiger Champion Odin von Bischof Metzger.  His grandmother on that side is BH WCC KKL1 IGP1 Uzzi von Haus Stoica.  Patriot's dam is BH KKL1 IGP1 R-Queen Di Casa Martin, and his grandfather on that side is  BH AD IPO1 IPO2 IPO3 KKL1 VA5 Henko von Holtkamper Hof.  His grandmother on that side is IPO1 KKL1 Lajka Armandia Lidderdali.  The list could go on and on with names like D'Ulmental, Melanchthon, Kuckucksland, Vom Pendler, and Du Haut Mansard.  His pedigree is packed with successful and notorious dogs.  

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to bring these amazing bloodlines to the U.S. through Patriot, and are looking forward to the contribution he will make to adding more of these amazing dogs to folks throughout the U.S.

Patriot on my feet.jpg

Patriot always has to be touching someone! 

Enzo headshot 2 - 3.jpg

Patriot's Parents

R-Queen headshot.jpg
Enzo stacked 2.jpg

BH  IGP 1  Enzo de Panait - Germany
DM Clear
HD/ED: A2 Fast Normal/Normal (SV)

R-Queen stacked.jpg

BH Kkl IGP 1 R-Queen Di Casa Martin - Romania
DM Clear
HD/ED: A1 Normal/Normal (SV)

Photos of Enzo and R-Queen are used with the permission of Emi K9 German Shepherds Dallas

Reba von Rogenkamp
             DM Clear
        AKC Registered
      Hips/Elbows:  TBA


Reba sitting profile_edited.jpg
Reba headshot 1_edited.jpg

Reba at 3 months old

Reba sitting facing_edited_edited.jpg

This little doll is our new female, Reba von Rogenkamp.  As we were on our way to pick Reba up from the breeder, I kept hoping over and over again that she would grab my heart the minute I saw her in the same way that Delta did when I bought her as a pup.  The very moment I laid eyes on little Miss Reba I was swept away.  Let's just say that she definitely grabbed my heart the way Delta did!  I have a heart connection to Reba the same way that my heart is connected to Delta.  I can't explain it, but there are those rare dogs that seem to be born to have an uncanny connection to their people, and I believe that Reba is one of those rare dogs.  The clincher for me was that she instantly made the grade with Delta.  She took Reba under her wing and defends her when Yoda plays too rough.  Reba in turn submits to Delta and doesn't push her boundaries.


She is an amazing little girl so far.  She is easily corrected and is calm and very mature.  Just as Delta was as a puppy, Reba doesn't act like a puppy.  She's poised, smart and in tune to what we desire of her.  She is not fearful or timid, yet she tries very hard to be good for us.  This little girl housebroke in record time and is a very clean puppy.  That is partly due to the clean and conscientious environment that the breeders raised her in, and partly due to the wonderful mother that she was born to.  Reba's mommy is an excellent and attentive mother who also teaches her puppies as she cares for them.  That always seems to result in puppies who are a cut above.


Reba has an excellent pedigree:


On her father's side is VA3 Ramses von Fichtenschlag, and her great-grandmother on that same side is V Saskia Topolovnicka.  The list continues with dogs such as VA1 Unix vom Kapellenburg, VA3 Dux de Cuatro Flores, and V Carolin von Fichtenshclag.

On her mother's side is V Renzo von vom Wolpertinger, 2x VA1 York von Ljulin, VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll, V Viernheimi Vazze, 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard, V Bessie von Zoxan, and V1 Quantas von Fichtenschlag.

Reba will be breeding with our Patriot and given the strong and amazing pedigree that Patriot has, we expect some beautiful puppies from those two.  Their puppies should have excellent conformation, smooth temperaments, and deep red pigments.  Reba will be ready to breed in 2023.  Stay tuned!

Reba stacked 1_edited.jpg
Reba sitting - side shot_edited_edited.j


IPO1 BH Pako von Ljulin - A.K.A. - Doc
                     Bulgarian Import                    
                    SV - HD/ED: a1/Normal
              DM Clear/Carrier (not affected)              

                           Weight: 97 lbs


Our magnificent Doc has been officially retired.  He is over eight years old now and still enjoys excellent health.  He runs with fluidity and has no limping or soreness afterwards.  Doc can regularly go on miles long walks without suffering any stiffness or pain.  There's a lot of miles on him still, and he deserves to enjoy every one of them.  We are so grateful for everything that Doc has contributed to our home, family, and breeding business.  He has an unbelievable gift for making everyone love him.  We cannot express how much we love him and how he will always remain one of the most beloved dogs we've ever had.  Thank you, Doc, for blessing our family with your love, obedience and tender heart.  


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