IPO1 BH Pako von Ljulin - A.K.A. - Doc
                     Bulgarian Import                    
                    SV - HD/ED: a1/Normal
                           Weight: 97 lbs

Our magnificent Doc has been officially retired.  He is over eight years old now and still enjoys excellent health.  He runs with fluidity and has no limping or soreness afterwards.  Doc can regularly go on miles long walks without suffering any stiffness or pain.  There's a lot of miles on him still, and he deserves to enjoy every one of them.  We are so grateful for everything that Doc has contributed to our home, family, and breeding business.  He has an unbelievable gift for making everyone love him.  We cannot express how much we love him and how he will always remain one of the most beloved dogs we've ever had.  Thank you, Doc, for blessing our family with your love and obedience and tender heart.  


This is our beautiful imported stud BH  IPO1  Pako von Ljulin, otherwise known as Doc.   He is a West German import who is a magnificent looking dog in every way from his heavy bone structure to his graceful movement and beautiful rich red pigment.  Pako is obedient, loyal and gentle with children.  Every morning he waits by our kids' bedroom doors to be one of the first to greet them when they get up.  He is a wonderful and patient teacher with our puppies and can always be counted on to give us the best of who he is.  Pako's gentle spirit and desire to be engaged and actively involved with our puppies is like nothing we've ever seen in a male.  This beautiful dog's main goal is to always please us and to follow the rules to the letter of the law.  Pako is affectionate, loving and truly kind.  He is easy-going by nature but is always watching and observing.  He is an excellent judge of character and gets it right every time!  We just can't say enough about this dog except that we feel very blessed to have him as a part of our family.


His impressive pedigree is filled with dogs like his sire VA1  IPO1  Kkl1 Yago von Ljulin, his grandsire SG1  BG Vimo v. Ritterberg, great-grandsire SCHH3  V(LGZS) Tyson vom Kottersbusch and many more.


His dam is IPO1  Kkl1 Mary von Ljulin.  A few examples on her side are her father,  VA1  IPO3 Yoker vom Leithwald, 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard, and World Sieger Champion VA1 SCHH3 Kkl1 Ursus von Batu.


Pako's Parents


VA1  IPO1  KKL 1 - Yago von Ljulin 
HD/ED:  a1/Normal (SV)



IPO1 KKL 1 - Mary von Ljulin 
HD/ED:  a1/Normal (SV)

Photos of Yago and Mary are used with the permission of  Capriole Farm German Shepherds

   Delta von Rogenkamp        OFA: HD/ED: Good/Normal                     DM Clear                                     Weight: 78lbs                

Our dam is our black female, Delta von Rogenkamp.  She was born to be a mother and does so to perfection. Delta is a wonderful female in everything from her consistent calm temperament and beautiful coat to her remarkable agility. She is gentle with and respectful to our children and our hearts rest easy knowing that Delta is always watching out for our family.  Our kids affectionately call her "Black Death" after the Cape Buffalo because she is fearless and ready to protect them at all times.  Delta holds herself and the other dogs to the highest standard when it comes to how our kids are to be treated. Every night before she goes to sleep she has to make her rounds, checking on each kid to make sure they're where they're supposed to be.  She is the perfect balance between being actively engaged and knowing when to sit on the sidelines.  I can count on her to teach our upcoming puppies everything she knows and to always make sure that the rules are being followed.  Delta leads by example through her obedience and submission to us.  She is that once-in-a-great-while wonderfully balanced den mother.  Delta is my friend and my right arm and always has my back.  I cannot imagine my life without her.  


On Delta's sire's side we have the accomplished P Jarro von Spartanville, SCHH3 Falk von der Fluer, SCHH3 Sirena v Haus Antverpa, and ZM, ZPS1, SCHH3, IPO2, ZVV3 Urxi z Blatenskeho zamku.


On her dam's side there's KNPV, PH1, MET LOF Fero Vom Badomar, VH3, IPO3 Rambo von Tiekerhook, VH3, IPO3, WUSV G Doeska von Badomar,  IPO3 Birke von Tiekerhook, and the very accomplished IPO3, 3x WUSV, PAK 1998 1 degree, SCHH3, VH3, VZH Omar von Kahlenbach.


The kids put them on her and she kept them on!

Delta's Parents

Kota von Shepherd

Sheba - Delta's Mom.jpg

Sheba von Shepherd

Photos of Kota and Sheba are used with the permission of the Shepherd Family (yes, the family's name is Shepherd).

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