If we do not have any puppies available for you within your time frame, please contact us.  We are able to have imported or first-generation U.S. born pups shipped to us for you to pick up at Liberty's West German Shepherds.  

Pricing will vary, and there will be additional shipping costs.  
Email or call us for more details.

We just had these brothers imported from Romania for four of our clients.   They are full siblings out of Tiko vom Osterberger-Land and Elsa vom Haus Barder.  What little cuties!!

Yellow Collar_edited_edited.jpg
Brown Collar.jpg
White Collar.jpg
Green Collar.jpg
Brahams around 4 months_edited.jpg

This is Jiro, now Brahams, at 4 months old


Upcoming Litter

Romanian Import
V SG10 BSZS '21 BH AD IGP1 Kkl

Vincent vom Haus Kathleen
Hips/Elbows: A1/Normal - SV
DM Clear

Vincent vom Haus Kathleen.jpeg

Romanian Import

SG  Ema de Panait

Hips/Elbows: A3/Normal - SV

DM Clear


Ema body shot.jpg

This is Ema's second litter.  Her puppies are absolutely beautiful with large bones, beautiful red pigment, and sound temperaments.  Ema's puppies are fearless, stable, bright, social, and smart.  These puppies come from some of the best bloodlines in the world.  Our own Patriot is the cousin to these puppies.  Ema is the full sister to Patriot's father.  

Ema is the daughter of VA RO Odin von Bischof Metzger and SG Uzzi von Haus Stoica.  These lines are full of notorious dogs.


Vincent speaks for himself and holds his own.  He is majestic and absolutely stunning.  He is fully titled and beautifully pigmented.  Vincent is the son of SG IGP2 Hachiko vom Messina (sire) and IGP1 V Dori vom Holtkamper Hof (dam).  He is the grandson of 2X VA5 BSZS Henko vom Holtkamper Hof.  Again, his lines are filled with titled and well-respected dogs.  

The puppies out of these two will not disappoint.  They will be perfect for families or couples who want a trusted friend for their children and a fearless protector when the need calls for it.

We are taking deposits for these puppies.  They will be ready to go home around October 25, 2022.

Pricing for this litter:

$2500 for Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights)

$3000 for Full AKC Registration (breeding rights)

A $1200 non-refundable deposit is required and will be applied to the balance.


First pick of the females is filled

Second pick of the females is available

Third pick of the females is available

Fourth pick of the females is available


First pick of the males is filled

Second pick of the males is filled

Ema puppies 2.jpg
Ema puppies 3.jpg

This litter of six will be ready to go home on October 22, 2022



Two females from Ema's previous litter
                       NOT FOR SALE                       

Female 1 sitting porch 14 weeks_edited_edited.jpg


Planned Litter

 Pepsi De Panait
Romanian import
Foreign and AKC Registered
DM Clear
Hips/Elbows: TBA

Pat headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Reba von Rogenkamp
DM Clear
        AKC Registered
     Hips/Elbows:  TBA

Reba sitting facing front cropped headshot_edited.jpg

We are so excited about this pairing.  Patriot was imported from Romania and is the son of Enzo de Panait and R-Queen di Casa Martin.  He is the grandson of Reserve World Sieger Champion Odin Bischof Metzger on his father's side, and the grandson of 2x VA5 Henko vom Holtkamper Hof on his mother's side.  Patriot's pedigree is filled with famous names such as Lidderdali, Kuckucksland, and Melanchthon.  His temperament is truly the most balanced and well-rounded of any male we ever had, and he's been a joy to raise.

Reba is the great-granddaughter of VA1 York von Ljulin on her mother's side, and the great-granddaughter of V Saskia Topolovnicka on her father's side.  Her pedigree is filled with famous names such as Fitchenschlag, Farbenspiel, Bad-Boll, and D'Ulmental.  Reba is a confident, obedient, and sweet female.  She has been very easy to train and follows the rules very willingly.  

We expect their puppies to be nicely boned with rich red pigment.  Their temperaments will be outstanding.  Better yet, both Patriot and Reba have been DM tested and are Clear, making their puppies DM Clear by parentage.

Pricing for Reba's Spring 2023 Litter

Full AKC Registration (breeding rights) - $2500
Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights) - $2000


First pick of the males is filled
Second pick of the males is

First pick of the females is filled
Second pick of the females is

This litter is sold

Rhett Headshot 2_edited.jpg


Neon Green Collar Black Male 1_edited.jpg
Green Collar Male 1_edited.jpg
Neon Yellow Collar Male 4_edited.jpg

This is Kenai at 7 weeks old

Orange Collar Black Male 3_edited.jpg

This is Kodi at 7 weeks 

Delta Face.jpg


Blue Collar Male 3_edited.jpg

This is Benson at 7 weeks old

Gray Collar Male 2_edited.jpg
Kenai sitting straight.jpeg

This is Kenai at 8 months old sitting with his canine housemate.


Here is Kodi at four months old . . .

Benson around five months old.jpg

This is Benson around 5 months old

Red Collar Black Male 2_edited.jpg
Kenai sitting profile.jpeg

Mr. Kenai looks like his daddy!

Kodi at 8 months.jpg

. . . and at 8 months old

This is a Pako/Delta litter when they were six weeks old.

Samson with frisbee.jpeg

I couldn't resist from including this one.  What a goof! 


This little guy was a stable dog from the very beginning.  We always said that he had the potential to be the kind of dog that could be implicitly trusted. 

Samson sitting in grass outside_edited.j

Well, his owners say that he is the best dog they've ever had!  Way to go, Samson!!  


This is Mishka at 6 weeks old.


This is beautiful Mishka at around 1 year old. What beautiful red pigment she has!!


From the minute this little one became mobile, he was a perfect little boy.


. . . and his owners say he is a great young boy and still stays out of trouble.  This is Colt at 1 year old.


This is the little "Teddy Bear" that drew so much attention as weekly pictures were updated.  This is him at six weeks old.

Teddy - 1yr..jpg

Here he is at one year old.  I love his resolute look.  He was appropriately named Teddy.  Look at him now. What a beautiful boy!!

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