If we do not have any puppies available for you within your time frame, please contact us.  We are able to have imported or first-generation U.S. born pups shipped to us for you to pick up at Liberty's West German Shepherds.  

Pricing will vary, and there will be additional shipping costs.  
Email or call us for more details.

When purchasing our dogs and planning their breedings, we choose dogs that are reciprocal to one another in bloodlines, temperaments, and in health testing.  All of our pairings are planned, but never set in stone.  Please be aware when placing a deposit with us that the male that is planned for a future breeding may be swapped out for one of our other males at the last minute due to a variety of reasons.  Liberty's West German Shepherds strives to keep the planned pairings, but sometimes a swap has to be made at the last minute.

When placing a deposit with us, please keep it in the back of your mind that there may be a last-minute change between males and make sure that you are okay with placing a deposit for a puppy from any of the males we have here.  

In the event that a last-minute change takes place, and you are set on a puppy from the male that was pulled at the last minute, Liberty's West German Shepherds is happy to roll your deposit onto the next litter from your desired male.


Reba von Rogenkamp
DM Clear
        AKC Registered
     Hips/Elbows:  TBA

Reba sitting facing front cropped headshot_edited.jpg
Reba stacked 2_edited_edited.jpg
Reba sitting head cocked_edited_edited_e

There are not enough adjectives to describe this little lady!  Reba could be described as sweet, classy, quaint, feminine, fun, obedient, and a social butterfly without one ounce of exaggeration thrown in there.  I am so happy that we found Reba, and I am so happy that she is everything I was hoping that she would be in an upcoming female.  

She absolutely loves the little puppies that are born here at Liberty's West German 
Shepherds, and for that I could not be more relieved as I will not breed a female that doesn't have a natural attraction to puppies.  Every time we have a litter of puppies on the ground, Reba's first priority every morning is to visit the puppies.  She can't stand not seeing them!  I expect with certainty that Reba will make a very good mother.

Reba is so very good to our kids, gets along well with the other dogs, never looks to stir up trouble, and has the potential to be as athletic as Delta.  She can get off the ground with little effort and looks so very good doing it!!  She is very polite at her bowl and follows the rules.  She doesn't like to think that she has displeased us and is very responsive to correction when needed (which isn't very often).  

We all love Reba, and you can't stop your heart from squeezing at her completely adorable self!  We are very much looking forward to what Reba will produce.  We plan to breed her with Patriot in the late spring/early summer of 2023.  

We will accept a limited number of deposits for Reba's puppies.  Deposits for her males are full until her litter is born.

Pricing for Reba's Spring 2023 Litter

Full AKC Registration (breeding rights) - $2500
Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights) - $2000


First pick of the males is filled
Second pick of the males is filled
Third pick of the males is filled


First pick of the females is filled
Second pick of the females is

Current Litter


German Import
V1/SG12 BSZS 2019/IGP3/Kkl  Iliano vom Haus Angel

Hip/Elbow SV Certified
DM Clear

Gala Headshot_edited.jpg
Gala Stacked.jpg

Romanian Import
Gala von Bienenwald
Hip/Elbow SV Certified (Germany)
DM Clear


$2200 - Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights)

$2500 - Full AKC Registration (breeding rights)

A deposit of $600 is required and will be applied to the purchase price

Deposits are non-refundable.  No exceptions whatsoever.  Deposits are transferrable to another litter or time frame.

These will be very high quality puppies from fully titled imported parents.  We do not own Iliano, but we do own Gala.  Iliano is a large male with a very social disposition.  He has a medium drive.  He ranges between 90-100lbs in weight.  Iliano earned all of his titles in Germany and was hip/elbow certified and tested for DM while in Germany as well.  He is a superb male.  

Iliano's pedigree is filled with V and VA titled dogs starting with his parents and continuing consistently throughout his pedigree.  This dog's pedigree is solid!!

Our Gala is a wonderful female in every way.  She is gentle in nature and is very calm.  She is so well contained and presents herself beautifully in social situations.  She is very non-confrontational with the other dogs and is confident with who she is.  Gala is great with our kids and cooperates so very well for them.  She is perfectly balanced between liking to be close by her people and not being obnoxious about wanting constant affection.  

Gala is excellent with all puppies.  She is so patient and kind to them, and her experience as a mother shows in the way she mingles with our two current female puppies who are not her puppies.  She seems to get a "smile" on her face when they tumble over to her and jump on her head and lick her face.  A truly great female loves puppies even when they aren't her puppies.  That is the only kind of female that I prefer to breed and have here at Liberty's West German Shepherds as the mother of our puppies and as the den mothers of the puppies that are born here to the other females.  Gala hits the mark on every level.  I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more balanced female than our lady Gala.  Her reputation as a mother and as a truly special female precedes her.  

Gala is the daughter of  VA1 Ballack von der Brucknerallee and V Lyra von Bienenwald.  Her pedigree is filled with V and VA titled dogs. 

This litter is due on April 25 and will be ready for their new homes on June 18, 2022.  These puppies will be sold with your choice of either full or limited AKC Registration, current vaccinations and heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention, and come with an 18-month health and hip guarantee.  These puppies are DM Clear by parentage.

$2200 for Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights)

$2500 for Full AKC Registration (breeding rights)

$600 deposit is required and will be applied to purchase price

We accept payment via PayPal or Cash.  We do not accept Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, or Personal Checks.

Deposits are non-refundable for any reason whatsoever.  No exceptions.  Deposits are transferrable to another litter/time frame.

Rhett Headshot 2_edited.jpg


Delta Face.jpg


Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights) - $1800

Full AKC Registration (breeding rights) - $2400

We do not accept cashier's checks, money orders, or personal checks.

*Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another litter.

Delta's next litter is planned for late in the summer of 2022.  We plan to retire Delta in the near future, so if you are interested in a puppy from Delta, please keep an eye on our litter announcements. 

Our deposits for Delta's next litter are full at this time.  When her litter is born, we will open up the remaining slots for deposits.

We truly appreciate the interest that so many people have shown in our puppies.  We hope to provide you with a superb puppy when the time arrives.

This fabulous litter is sold.  These puppies have been the sweetest little crop of puppies with the absolute best temperaments ever!!  Delta and Rhett are a really great mix.

We are so humbled and grateful that once again, we have had a really great group of people who have made these puppies a part of their homes and families. 

Congratulations to all of you!!  We wish you many years of happiness and joy with your new puppies.

Green Collar Male 1_edited.jpg
Blue Collar Male 3_edited.jpg
Neon Green Collar Black Male 1_edited.jpg
Orange Collar Black Male 3_edited.jpg

This is Kodi at 7 weeks 

Gray Collar Male 2_edited.jpg
Neon Yellow Collar Male 4_edited.jpg
Red Collar Black Male 2_edited.jpg

Here is Kodi at four months old

This is a Pako/Delta litter when they were six weeks old.

Samson with frisbee.jpeg

I couldn't resist from including this one.  What a goof! 


This little guy was a stable dog from the very beginning.  We always said that he had the potential to be the kind of dog that could be implicitly trusted. 

Samson sitting in grass outside_edited.j

Well, his owners say that he is the best dog they've ever had!  Way to go, Samson!!  


This is Mishka at 6 weeks old.


From the minute this little one became mobile, he was a perfect little boy.


This is beautiful Mishka at around 1 year old. What beautiful red pigment she has!!


. . . and his owners say he is a great young boy and still stays out of trouble.  This is Colt at 1 year old.


This is the little "Teddy Bear" that drew so much attention as weekly pictures were updated.  This is him at six weeks old.

Teddy - 1yr..jpg

Here he is at one year old.  I love his resolute look.  He was appropriately named Teddy.  Look at him now. What a beautiful boy!!

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