Upcoming Litter

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Kimber's litter is due around November 21, 2021 litter.  Please note that the due date may vary by a few days on either end.  If you have a deposit placed with us for a puppy from this litter, you will be personally notified when the litter is born BEFORE the website is updated.

Kimber's 2021 Litter Pricing

$1600 Limited Registration (AKC Registration with no breeding rights)

$2400 Full Regsitration (AKC Registration with breeding rights)

$600 Deposit is required and will be applied toward the purchase price


*First pick of Kimber's females is filled                                       

*Second pick of Kimber's females is filled

*First pick of Kimber's males is filled

*Second pick of Kimber's males is filled

*Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another litter

Upcoming Litter

Rhett Headshot 2_edited.jpg


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You may place your deposit through the PayPal button at the bottom of this listing.  We will email you a receipt indicating the amount received and the balance owing.  The balance will be due on the day you pick up your puppy.  Payments can be made either by our PayPal button or in cash on that day.  


We do not accept cashiers checks, money orders, or personal checks


*Delta's next litter is due around January 2022

*Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another litter

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy for the purpose of breeding, please read this carefully before you place your deposit.

All of our puppies are sold with limited AKC registration from the start.  If you have indicated that you are interested in breeding the puppy that you purchase, then before we give full registration (breeding rights) we require the following:

1.  Your puppy needs to be tested for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).  This test can be done at any age.  We use the DDC in Ohio to test our dogs.  The following results are acceptable for us:  Clear or Clear/Carrier.  These are the only results that are acceptable for the release of full breeding rights.

2.  Your dog must be hip and elbow certified at the age of two years.  We use the OFA or SV for our dogs.  There are three hip certifications that are considered acceptable for breeding:  Excellent, Good or Fair.  There is only one positive rating for the elbows:  Normal.  These results are necessary for the release of full registration.

3.  We require that a copy of the hip and elbow results be sent directly to us from the OFA or SV.  Copies or Forwards from the client will not be accepted.  You must give the facility permission to send a copy directly to us.  We also require the same protocol for DM results as well.  We must receive the results directly from the DDC.  Copies or Forwards from the dog's owner will not be accepted.

4.  Once these requirements have been fulfilled, Liberty's West German Shepherds will require the dog's owner to pay the difference in the price between limited and full registration.  At this time the difference is $800.  Doing things this way not only helps to ensure that the proper health testing has been done in order to put healthy, qualified dogs into the breeding circuit, but there's also situations when a client may buy a puppy initially thinking that they want to breed it, but for various reasons they choose not to.  In such cases the client hasn't payed full registration prices for something they've decided not to do.  Liberty's West German Shepherds will contact the AKC and request that your limited registration status be changed to full registration.  There is a $25 fee that the AKC requires in order to change the registration status.  This fee is the responsibility of the dog's owner.

These little ones are from Pako's and Delta's March 2020 litter when they were six weeks old.  We always enjoy the feedback and photos that our clients send to us as they grow up.  Thank you to all of our clients for giving your puppies such wonderful homes to grow up in.


This little guy was a stable dog from the very beginning.  We always said that he had the potential to be the kind of dog that could be implicitly trusted. 

Samson sitting in grass outside_edited.j

Well, his owners say that he is the best dog they've ever had!  Way to go, Samson!!  

Samson with frisbee.jpeg

I couldn't resist from including this one.  What a goof! 


This is Mishka at 6 weeks old.


From the minute this little one became mobile, he was a perfect little boy.


This is the little "Teddy Bear" that drew so much attention as weekly pictures were updated.  This is him at six weeks old.


This is beautiful Mishka at around 1 year old. What beautiful red pigment she has!!


. . . and his owners say he is a great young boy and still stays out of trouble.  This is Colt at 1 year old.

Teddy - 1yr..jpg

Here he is at one year old.  He was appropriately named Teddy.  Look at him now. What a beautiful boy!!

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