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Current Litter

Born February 12, 2023
Ready to go home any time

Weekly pics are updated on Sundays

This is Delta's final litter.  She has earned a well-deserved rest from breeding but will continue to be my faithful aid in raising and training our young dogs, as well as continuously assisting us with keeping everything in order with the adult dogs and prioritizing our children's well-being above all else. Delta will be staying here with us for the rest of her life.  We raised her from a pup, and she set her love on this family from her first moment with us.  She is forever home with this family. 

 Pepsi De Panait
Romanian import
Foreign and AKC Registered
DM Clear
Hips/Elbows: TBA

Delta von Rogenkamp
OFA - Good Hips/Normal Elbows DM Clear
Weight: 78lbs
AKC Registered

Pat headshot uncropped_edited_edited_edi
Delta standing face and legs.jpg

Our Delta produces wonderful puppies no matter who she breeds with.  She is a consistent producer, a wonderful mother, and has the most stable temperament with excellent judgement.  She produces puppies just like herself.   Here at Liberty's West German Shepherds, we use only the most stable and willing females to mother our puppies.  We will be keeping one of Delta's females to use for our breeding program.  We raised Delta from a pup and are so excited to keep her bloodline going through her daughter.

Paired with Patriot, I expect the most confident and stable puppies.  Patriot also has the easiest temperament.  He is demonstrative about his love for us to an almost human degree.  He loves group hugs with the whole family and sleeping in the kids' rooms every night.  When they're not home, he doesn't know what to do with himself.

We have 1 solid black male available

Pricing for Delta's Remaining Puppy

$1300 - AKC Limited Registration (no breeding rights)
$600 deposit is required and will be applied toward the purchase price

*Please note that when using PayPal there is an additional 4% fee

If using PayPal

Deposit - $624
Balance - $730 for Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights)

Cash and PayPal are the only forms of payment we will accept on the day of pickup.  No exceptions.
Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable to another litter or time frame. 

Males - Green and Red collars
First pick - filled

Second pick - filled
Third pick - filled
Fourth pick - available

First pick - filled
Second pick - filled
Third pick - filled
Fourth pick - filled

Fifth pick - filled


Gideon has had his third round of vaccinations and another physical.  He is also current on heartworm, intestinal parasite, and flea/tick prevention. He is strong and healthy . . .  and a very big boy!!

Black sitting_edited.jpg

Gideon - Red Collar Male
16 weeks old
Weight: 40 lbs

Gideon is turning into a magnificent young fella. He is learning our household rules quickly and has a heart to comply. He is secure, stable, affectionate, and has integrated well with the adult dogs. Since he is still here with us, we have started housebreaking him. He is also doing very well on his leash training and food manners. Gideon is going to be a wonderful family dog, as nothing makes him happier than to be around people. He has good energy, but he is not a crazy over-the-top puppy at all.

We have reduced his price not because we value him any less than the other pups, but only because he needs to get established in his permanent home and form bonds with his lifetime family. For someone with economic considerations, we hope that reducing his price will help make Gideon a reality.

Black stacked_edited.jpg
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Pat headshot uncropped_edited_edited_edi

We are so excited about this pairing.  Patriot was imported from Romania and is the son of Enzo de Panait and R-Queen di Casa Martin.  He is the grandson of Reserve World Sieger Champion Odin Bischof Metzger on his father's side, and the grandson of 2x VA5 Henko vom Holtkamper Hof on his mother's side.  Patriot's pedigree is filled with famous names such as Lidderdali, Kuckucksland, and Melanchthon.  His temperament is truly the most balanced and well-rounded of any male we ever had, and he's been a joy to raise.

Reba is the great-granddaughter of VA1 York von Ljulin on her mother's side, and the great-granddaughter of V Saskia Topolovnicka on her father's side.  Her pedigree is filled with famous names such as Fitchenschlag, Farbenspiel, Bad-Boll, and D'Ulmental.  Reba is a confident, obedient, and sweet female.  She has been very easy to train and follows the rules very willingly.  

We expect their puppies to be nicely boned with rich red pigment.  Their temperaments will be outstanding.  Better yet, both Patriot and Reba have been DM tested and are Clear, making their puppies DM Clear by parentage.

UPDATE:  Patriot's and Reba's puppies are here!! Reba's litter was born on March 30, 2023 and will be ready to go to their new homes on the weekend of Memorial Day (the Friday before Memorial Day). 

Pricing for Reba's March 2023 Litter

$2000 - Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights)
$2500 - Full AKC Registration (breeding rights)
$600 deposit is required and will be applied toward the purchase price

*Please note that when using PayPal, there will be additional fee

If using PayPal

Deposit - $620
Balance - $1460 for Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights)
Balance - $1980 for Full AKC Registration (breeding rights)

Cash and PayPal are the only two forms of payment we accept on the day of pickup.  No exceptions.

Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable to another litter or time frame. 

First pick -
 The Ruhlig Family
Second pick - The Hodnicki Family
Third pick - available
Fourth pick - available

First pick - Elias Fowler

Second pick - available
Third pick - available

We currently have 2 males and 2 females available for deposits.

Here's Reba's puppies at nine weeks old.
Pictures are updated weekly.
The puppies had their first round of vaccinations and complete physicals.  All of them are perfect; no hernias, no heart murmurs, and everyone's weight is perfect. They are ready to go home any time.

Black collar_edited.jpg

Male 1 - black collar
Here we have a little man already.  This guy doesn't act like a puppy.  He mingles with the other pups but doesn't copy what they do.  He is independent and makes his own decisions. I expect that this guy will want a very meaningful relationship with his people and based on experience, being the confident little man that he is, if this dog has a man to lead and befriend him, he will be the most trustworthy and faithful family guardian and caregiver. 

Pink collar.jpg

Female 3 - pink collar
This one is beyond smart; this girl is intelligent.  She navigates her way through life with a quiet confidence that she gets from Reba. She knows how to figure things out, is observant, and is quick to act on what she knows.  I don't see this girl exercising bad judgement in her life. She's dynamite and sweet too!

Yellow collar.jpg

Female 2 - yellow collar
Here we have Reba's clone.  She looks like Reba and she has Reba's sweet, non-competitive disposition.  She has a sweet and tender spirit, but is not shy.  She knows how to stand up for herself if need be, but without carrying grudges. She never wanders off. Wherever we are, she finds a place to lay down and be near us. This girl is gold.

White male.jpg

Male 3 - white collar
This little boy is just like Patriot.  He is always cheerful, is engaged and active, but is easily corrected. Just like Patriot, he is very affectionate, loves to discover new things. He's easy to get along with and doesn't stir up trouble. This is a very easy puppy.


He is with his new family

Those eyes say it all.  He is at the front of the crowd, he stands out, and misses nothing.  He watches everything and everybody around him and notices every tiny detail. He is a leader and is unafraid of this world and all of its unknowns.  This one could be taught to read and write.  I'm sure of it!

Green (2)_edited.jpg

He is with his new family

Sweet, sweet, sweet! This boy is sweet.  He doesn't look to be the star of the show, he gets along with everybody, and is easily corrected by us and the other dogs.  He's not skittish or shy though.  He plays well with the others and has good energy; he just doesn't need to be in charge.  That is his daddy in him. He's one very balanced little fella.


She is with her new family

This little lady is a leader.  She enjoys the other pups, but she doesn't depend on them.  She loves people, loves to be active, and is joyful and bright-spirited. She has a cheerful attitude all the time. This puppy is the perfect mixture of Patriot and Reba.

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Rhett Headshot 2_edited.jpg


Neon Green Collar Black Male 1_edited.jpg

Here's Bear at 7 weeks


I said from the beginning that this boy was made for the good times.  Look at that party hat!! He actually looks proud of it.

Green Collar Male 1_edited.jpg

This is Buddy at 7 weeks


This is Buddy at 9 months.  Who could resist that face?

Neon Yellow Collar Male 4_edited.jpg

This is Kenai at 7 weeks old

Delta standing face and legs.jpg


Blue Collar Male 3_edited.jpg

This is Benson at 7 weeks old

Benson 11 months.jpg

This is Benson at 11 months old

Gray Collar Male 2_edited.jpg

This is Beno at 7 weeks

Here he is at one year. Handsome boy!

Kenai sitting profile.jpeg

Mr. Kenai looks like his daddy!

Orange Collar Black Male 3_edited.jpg

This is Kodi at 7 weeks 

Kodi at 8 months.jpg

. . . and at 8 months old

Red Collar Black Male 2_edited.jpg

This is a Pako/Delta litter when they were six weeks old.

Samson with frisbee.jpeg

I couldn't resist from including this one.  What a goof! 


This little guy was a stable dog from the very beginning.  We always said that he had the potential to be the kind of dog that could be implicitly trusted. 

Samson sitting in grass outside_edited.j

Well, his owners say that he is the best dog they've ever had!  Way to go, Samson!!  


This is Mishka at 6 weeks old.


This is beautiful Mishka at around 1 year old. What beautiful red pigment she has!!


From the minute this little one became mobile, he was a perfect little boy.


. . . and his owners say he is a great young boy and still stays out of trouble.  This is Colt at 1 year old.


This is the little "Teddy Bear" that drew so much attention as weekly pictures were updated.  This is him at six weeks old.

Teddy - 1yr..jpg

Here he is at one year old.  I love his resolute look.  He was appropriately named Teddy.  Look at him now. What a beautiful boy!!

If we do not have any puppies available for you within your time frame, please contact us.  We are able to have imported or first-generation U.S. born pups shipped to us for you to pick up at Liberty's West German Shepherds.  

Pricing will vary, and there will be additional shipping costs.  
Email or call us for more details.

We had these brothers imported for some of our clients.  They are full siblings out of Tiko vom Osterberger-Land and Elsa vom Haus Barder.  What little cuties!!


On the left is Jeff, now Rooster. On the right is Jason, now Ranger.  The pics above are the same with Jeff (Rooster) on the left and Jason (Ranger) on the right.


This is Jiro, now Brahams, at 4 months old


This is Jack, now Tytan.

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