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Reba headshot June

This pairing will produce pups with deep red pigment, good bone structure, and very well-balanced, social dispositions. Tanner and Reba are both social, easy-going, accept newcomers to their pack, and neither one has an alpha mindset. They obey cheerfully and are very compliant. Their puppies will not disappoint. Reba is an excellent mother. She's very attentive to her puppies and is very sweet and cheerful with them. Reba is not temperamental or unpredictable. Our sweet Reba is pure gold. She is not the daughter of our now retired Gala, but Gala raised Reba as her own pup and Gala's influence on Reba is undeniable. Reba very much adopted the easy-going and compliant mindset of Gala. Reba is not a weak-spirited gal by any means and is not skittish or fearful. She's got a lovely balance and just doesn't hold grudges.

Patriot was imported from Romania as a puppy. From the moment his little paws hit our front lawn he set his heart on our kids, and they reciprocated. Patriot is their dog. They raised and trained him, they housebroke him, and they have made him the absolute best male we've ever had. He sleeps in one of their rooms every night, and when they are not home, he crawls onto one of their beds and lays there looking forlorn. He is truly lost without his babies. Patriot loves our kids, not because they are our "pups" and pack order tells him to, but because there is a very special love that passes between them that comes along very rarely in life. We implicitly trust Pat with our kids and have never had to correct his behavior toward them. He would lay his life down for them and never look back. To top it all off, he loves the other dogs and puppies like no male I have ever seen. He doesn't just tolerate them; he grooms them, cares for and plays with them, looks out for their safety, and loves them as a part of his pack. This guy is truly the total package. 

Reba is the great-granddaughter of VA1 York von Ljulin on her mother's side, and the great-granddaughter of V Saskia Topolovnicka on her father's side.  Her pedigree is filled with famous names such as Fitchenschlag, Farbenspiel, Bad-Boll, and D'Ulmental.  

Patriot is the son of BH AD IGP1 Kkl Enzo de Panait and the grandson of IGP2 Kkl1 VA2 RO Odin von Bischof Metzger. Patriot's mom is BH IGP1 Kkl SG R-Queen di Casa Martin and the grandson of 2x VA5 BSZS Henko vom Holtkamper-Hof. His pedigree is full of Holtkamper-Hofs and Lidderdalis, all titled and accomplished animals in Europe. 

Patriot and Reba are DM Clear, making their puppies DM Clear by parentage.

*Please note that we cannot refund deposits for any reason.*


Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights) - $2000
Full AKC Registration (breeding rights) - $2500
$600 deposit is required and will be applied toward the purchase price.


If using PayPal

Deposit - $624

Cash and PayPal are the only two forms of payment we accept on the day of pickup.  No exceptions.

Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable to another litter or time frame. 



Ida - October 2023_edited.jpg

This is beautiful Ida at 7 months of age. This girl has an absolutely wonderful temperament and is extremely mature. She is so good, doesn't get into anything she shouldn't, and is well liked by all the dogs. She is the perfect blend of Patriot and Reba. Ida is something special.

We have decided to keep Ida as a future breeding prospect. We have had the honor and joy of having Ida here with us for longer than we've ever had any puppy. While we had her available for sale, we housebroke her, leashed trained her, socialized her, have taken her for car rides while we run errands, and started her on basic obedience training.  Little Ida has blended into our group of dogs with ease and the pack loves her. 

There was a particular incident that occurred this past week that showed us who Ida truly is and convinced us that we need to keep her as a strong prospect for breeding. My daughters and I took advantage of the beautiful country air one evening and took Ida for a walk down our country roads.  As we were walking, a couple of large dogs from one of the farms came barreling full boar toward Ida. One was heading straight for her hindquarters while the other one was lunging toward her neck.  Ida's response was as fine-tuned as the responses of our adult dogs would have been.  Instinctively, she spun her hindquarters in a perfect 180 degree turn to get her back end away from the dog coming in behind her, while also ducking from the one coming in toward her neck.  At the same time, my eldest teenage daughter (who was walking Ida) kicked the one that was trying to grab Ida's neck right in his throat! I am so proud of my daughter, as her kick was accurate and powerful. She kicked him so hard he stumbled backward. Her daddy has taught her well (everyone needs a Marine in their life). I was able to run off the other dog.  As the dogs turned around and returned to their home, Ida straightened herself and acted as if nothing had happened. She wasn't cowering, didn't try to hide, and didn't squall or cry out at all.  She was magnificent. Every one of my daughters was calm, didn't scream or panic, and stood their ground. That was so important for Ida's sake.

These moments are defining for any dog, let alone a puppy. We didn't acknowledge that negative experience by comforting her or cooing at her. When faced with a negative experience, dogs will learn a great deal about how to handle and process that experience based on the reaction of their people. It may seem heartless to offer no hugs or baby talk, but these are not people we are dealing with; these are dogs who instinctively respond to their environment and establish their mindset going forward based on the emotion of their people. It is our responsibility to provide stability without emotion. Emotion is perceived as weakness to a dog. If we include emotion, then as far as the dog is concerned our leadership can't be trusted. If you ever watch wolf packs, the alphas are always the least emotional ones. They are responsible for the stability of the pack.

Some dogs will by nature be more affected by their experiences than other dogs will. This is not a disqualifier. This just means that particular dog needs a lot of confidence boosting experiences and calm, stable leadership. However, here at Liberty's West German Shepherds we strive with honesty and objectivity to keep the very cream of the crop for breeding. Ida is the cream. These kinds of females always seem to produce the best puppies due to their confidence, stability, and excellent mothering skills that continue far beyond weaning. We really believe that Ida has those same qualities.

We worked it out with the owners of the other dogs to communicate with them when we are walking our dogs so that they can put their dogs away as continued run-ins would be counterproductive no matter how stable a dog is. We appreciate their willingness to help us out with that. Ida has continued to walk past their property without even blinking an eye. That is amazing out of a nearly six-month-old puppy. She internalized nothing of her experience with those dogs. Keep an eye out for Ida in the future. We hope for some wonderful things from this precious and truly lovely girl.


This is mother and daughter. Ida is exactly like her mommy in every way. I love this picture. Both girls' expressions are beautiful. Their sweetness shows in their eyes. I never can get Reba to sit up straight. She always slouches. Ida's a sloucher too, but to me that shows their relaxed body language and mindset. I LOVE these girls! 
We are planning on another litter from Reba in March 2024. Get ready!!

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Here's pics of some of the pups we've had and sold here at Liberty's West German Shepherds


This is Bear at one year old


This is Benson at 13 months old

Beno at one year old


Buddy at 9 months 

Samson sitting in grass outside_edited.j



This is beautiful Mishka at around 1 year old

Teddy - 1yr..jpg

Beautiful Teddy

Kenai sitting profile.jpeg

Kenai at around 8 months old

Kodi at 8 months.jpg

Kodi at 8 months old


This is Colt at 1 year old

If we do not have any puppies available for you within your time frame, please contact us.  We are able to have imported or first-generation U.S. born pups shipped to us for you to pick up at Liberty's West German Shepherds.  

Pricing will vary, and there will be additional shipping costs.  
Email or call us for more details.

We had these brothers imported for some of our clients.  They are full siblings out of Tiko vom Osterberger-Land and Elsa vom Haus Barder. 


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