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Here are some fun photos of our dogs here at Liberty's West German Shepherds

Patriot and Reba 2022_edited.jpg

These two buddies just finished a wrestling match which happens often around here!  Patriot is on the left and Reba is on the right.  Two peas in a pod.


He is so very contented to receive this kind of treatment.

D and L in P's cage.jpg

This kennel was for Pitcher to sleep in at night until she could be trusted.  Delta and Liberty decided that the little one didn't get a say that night.  

Delta as pup.jpg

My sweet and faithful Delta as a puppy.  I could've never imagined how much this animal would come to mean to me.  

Doc and Pitcher_edited.jpg

All of our puppies enjoy the comfort of snuggling up to the big guy.  He's so patient with the puppies.

Doc and Emma.jpg

When a kid is tired is there anything more comforting than a German Shepherd to snuggle with?  Pako was an adult when we bought him.  This just shows how great these German dogs are with kids.

B and P in window.jpg

The girls just hate it when the kids are outside without them.  Liberty is on the left and Pitcher is on the right.


I had to add this pic here in case you missed it in her profile.  The kids have been dressing her up since she was a puppy.  She kept these glasses on!!

B and P sleeping.jpg

Liberty is on the left and Pitcher is on the right.

Doc sleeping.jpg

We love it when Doc starts dreaming while he sleeps like this.  He starts "running" on the wall and sleeps right through all the noise!


This is Liberty at around 12 weeks of age.  As
you can see, Liberty's been used to being
snuggled in from the start!  

Liberty and Emma.jpg

. . . and still! She'll sleep like this for an hour without moving.  Liberty loves to snuggle with the kids.

Gala on blanket_edited.jpg

Our females love nothing more than the kids combined with a good blanket.  They are mothers at heart. This is Gala pictured here.


Kimber's always up for gestures of affection from the little ones.


These two have such a special relationship.  We were lucky enough to have my sister catch this shot.  Liberty is so gentle with our kids.

Delta with stuffed animal.jpg

My dear Delta has unending love, devotion and patience.  She is tolerant of anything that comes her way.

Doc licking Katie's face.jpg

Our eldest daughter has a special place in her heart for Doc (Pako).  He reminds her so much of our first male, Gunner, who she grew up with.

Emma with Pat 1_edited_edited.jpg

I could take pictures like this one all day.  Patriot loves our kids so very much. 


Kimber has to be wherever we are at all times.  She finds a place to tuck herself away, but makes sure it's always close by.

Gala with Hoss_edited.jpg

This is Gala with our new boy, Hoss.  She is so quick to take any new puppy under her wing.

Rhett and Reba_edited.jpg

Rhett is a great influence on our young dogs.  His calm and gentle demeanor mixed with his willingness to play and be friends naturally draws the young dogs to him.  Reba has developed a sweet bond with Rhett.   He's on the left; Reba is on the right.

Here are pictures of Delta's and Pako's puppies

The puppies at 6 weeks.  The three black/reds together are the girls and the rest are boys.

More guys.jpg

Here are two Delta/Pako males at 7 months

Midnight  - 7 months old.jpg
Gunner - 7 months old.jpg



Here are some Pako/Delta males at around one year old

Ruger .jpeg


Teddy - 1yr..jpg




Here are a couple of  females at 7 months old from a Delta/Pako litter

Kaya face - 7 months adjusted.jpg


Kaya at 7 months old adjusted 2.jpg



Here is a Pako/Delta female at around a year old



Doc boy.jpg
IMG953591 - 2.jpg

This boy is from Delta's and Pako's August 2019 litter.  What a gorgeous animal!!

Kane and Karma '22_edited.jpg

These two sharp looking dogs are half siblings.  Kane is on the left and Karma is on the right.  These two are both from our Delta.  Kane is the son of our Ruger, and Karma is the daughter of our Doc (Pako).  Kane is 4 years old here and Karma will be three years old in August of 2022.


The pup on the left, Jax (previously Gideon), is from the February 2023 Delta/Patriot litter. The pup on the right, Kodi, is from the January 2022 Delta/Rhett litter. These half-brothers are fast friends and living together. 

Mila at 7 weeks old.jpg

This is a Gala female at 7 weeks old

Mila at 9 weeks.jpg

Here she is at 9 weeks old

Mila at 5.5 months old.jpg

Look at gorgeous Mila at almost 6 months old! Such a pretty girl.

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