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17 months old
DM CLEAR by parentage
AKC Registration


Dixie Sitting 14 months.jpg
Dixie Stacked 14 months_edited.jpg

We are moving our sweet Dixie out of the breeding lineup. Through DNA testing we have discovered that if paired with a solid black male, Dixie will only have solid black puppies. Our solid black male is confirmed by DNA testing to have the same outcome if he breeds with a solid black female. Our goal here at Liberty's West German Shepherds is to continue what we've done from the beginning and offer an equal mix between solid black and black/red puppies.


We have had Dixie from birth, and she has grown up in our home with us as a part of our family. To say that Dixie is marvelous is selling her short. I can't describe her to the level that does justice to her. She is housebroken, wonderful with her food, is beyond perfect with our kids, is leash trained, crate trained, and is perfect for her baths and in the car. 

Dixie doesn't really need a leash; she stays right by our side. When required in public, Dixie walks on a leash perfectly. There is no tugging or pulling whatsoever. She gets along perfectly with our dogs here whether male or female. 

She is a great watchdog and does her job, but she's not over the top. She welcomes anyone into our home that she knows belongs but will assess anyone that she doesn't know. She uses great judgment. 

Dixie is not an outside dog; she loves her people and needs to live in the home with her family. She would be perfect for a retired couple who wants a gentle friend and companion that is also wonderful with the grandkids, and she would be equally as great in a family with kids that she can sleep with at night as she does now with our kids. 

Dixie is strong and healthy and is current on her vaccinations. She just had her yearly physical.  Please feel free to contact me for more info on sweet Miss Dixie.

Independance Day Dixie.jpg

14-Month-Old Females
Full Sisters
DM CLEAR by parentage
AKC Registration

For pet owners or for breeders
Excellent bloodlines

Sire: VP1 SG3 Ace Team Perfect Kennel
Dam: Maggie Vom Teero

Female 1.jpg


This beautiful girl is friendly with those whom she knows but takes her time and assesses strangers before she chooses to make friends with them. She loves her people though. That is a great recipe for a wonderful family guardian.  She is used to kids and is very good with them. She gets along well with other dogs. She is not spayed. Her owner is fine with selling her to a breeder. She is DM CLEAR.

Female 2.jpg


This sweetie is super friendly. She reminds me a lot of my Reba. She wiggles with joy when her people come around. She cannot contain her happiness and would probably crawl into your pocket if she could. She is great with kids and other dogs. I have no doubt that she would also be a great watchdog just because she loves her people so much. Her owner is fine with selling her to a breeder. She is DM CLEAR.

These two beauties are full sisters. They are owned by a fellow breeder friend of mine. He is retiring from breeding and is looking for good homes for these two. They are not spayed and would be excellent breeding candidates.


These girls just turned one year old this April. They come from superb German bloodlines.


Their father is import VP1 SG3 Ace Team Perfect Kennel and their mother is Maggie Vom Teero. Both of their pedigrees can be found on Pedigree Database.

On their mother's side, their great-grandfathers are 2x VA1 (BSZS and USA) Schumann von Tronje and VA1 '15, '16, Italy '15 Ballack von der Brucknerallee. 

On their father's side, their grandfather is VA (BSZS '19, '21), VA Belgium '19 Asap vom Aldamar and their great-grandfathers are VA2 '17 )USA) Fight vom Holtkamper Hof and VA4 (BSZS '14) Cyrus vom Osterberger-Land.

Please contact me for more details.

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