Lady Liberty Rogenkamp von Capriole

Prelims HD/ED:  Good/Normal (OFA)

DM Clear

Weight: 81 lbs


This beautiful girl is our Lady Liberty Rogenkamp von Capriole.  She is highly trainable and extremely intelligent.  Liberty is a fast learner, confident and is always ready to hone her problem solving skills.  Her easy-going disposition has made her a no-brainer around our kids.  She makes us laugh due to all the sweet little quirks she has, one of them being that for some reason she has to have one of our shoes around at all times.  If we can't find a shoe, we look no further than Liberty!  She doesn't chew them up, she just takes comfort in carrying our shoes around.  One of my favorite things about her is that she is my constant shadow.  Whether it's always laying on my feet or leaning against my legs while I'm working around the house, Liberty never lets me get too far away from her.  Her training has been so easy due to her sweet and compliant disposition.  She and Delta are very close friends. There is a lot of trust and a strong bond between them.  In fact, Delta allows Liberty to have full access to her puppies after she whelps them.  Liberty is allowed to go into the whelping box with or without Delta to tend to, care for and clean Delta's puppies as if they were her own.  It is extremely rare for one female to allow another female to do this.  It's just an example of the deep friendship that Liberty and Delta have and the trustworthiness that Delta senses in Liberty.  We will breed her with our Pako and cannot wait to see what they will produce. 


Her father is the accomplished West German import, Tuni von der Kocaeli HD/ED a1/normal.  He carries the following titles:  3x SG1, VV1, IPO1 and Kkl1.  Tuni is truly impressive to see in person and has beautiful eyes.  He has one of the most beautiful faces that I've ever seen in a male.  Liberty gets her sweet countenance from her daddy, Tuni.  His lines are filled with dogs such as V19 BSZS, IPO3, Kkl1, Dasty von Melanchthon, World Seiger Champion 2x VA1, SCHH3, Kkl1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, and SCHH3, Kkl1 V Dux vonder Glockenheide.


Liberty's dam is the beautiful Anna von Capriole.  Anna's sweet disposition is easy to see the moment you meet her.  She has a graceful build and a very open persona.  From the first moment I met Anna I liked her instantly.  Anna's grandsire is SCHH3, Kkl1 Irano von Fitchenschlag, and her great-grandsire is 2x World Seiger Champion SCHH3, Kkl1 Remo von Fichtenschlag, IPO1, Kkl1 Mendy vom Ultimo, VA1 World Seiger Champion SCHH3, IPO3 Pakros D' Ulmental and VA1 World Seigerin Champion SCHH3 Kkl1 Karma von Ochsentor.  Liberty's grandmother is Cesha vom Haus Brezel whose sire is 2x VA, SCHH3, Kkl1 Natz vom Land Mecklenburg.  His hips were so perfect that in Germany they wanted to use his x-rays for their textbooks.  Those perfect hips were passed down to Cesha and then to Anna, Liberty's mother, who received an OFA score of Excellent.


We are truly excited about this girl's prospects, and are looking forward to many years of joy with her.  Liberty is DM clear by parentage.  Given the fact that her sire, Tuni von der Koceali, was given a hip rating of Excellent (a1)  and Normal elbows by the SV in Germany, and her dam, Anna von Capriole, was given a hip rating of Excellent and Normal elbows by the OFA, we anticipate a positive outcome on Liberty's final hip and elbow results.

At 14 months of age Liberty had preliminary x-rays done on her elbows and hips.  The OFA has given Liberty's hips a rating of Good and her elbows a rating of Normal.  She will not qualify for official certification until the age of two, but when prelims are done at 14 months of age there's a 95% reliability that the final outcome will be Good or Excellent at the age of two.

Liberty's Parents


3x SG 1  VV 1 Tuni von der Kocaeli 

IPO 1  KKl 1 (import)

HD/ED:  a1/Normal (SV)

DM Clear

95 lbs


Anna von Capriole

HD/ED: Excellent/Normal (OFA)

DM Clear

78 lbs

Photos of Tuni and Anna are used with the permission of Capriole Farm German Sheperds

Kimber Rogenkamp von Capriole


DM Clear

Weight: 70lbs.


We are thrilled to announce our newest addition, Kimber Rogenkamp von Capriole.  Kimber is 11 months old and already has an amazing bone structure, color and coat.  This girl is extremely smart and has taken to her training with eagerness and humility.  Kimber is confident, balanced in her disposition and has an amazing ability to take in every detail around her and never acts irresponsibly.  One of the qualities about Kimber that I love the most is how she loves to snuggle with Liberty and Delta.  She doesn't try to promote or assert herself among the other dogs; Kimber just wants to blend in and be a part of the group.  Delta and Liberty like Kimber and have taken to their "little sister" with the patience that is required when dealing with a younger dog. There is absolutely nothing that we've tried to teach this girl that she hasn't learned and taken to.  Kimber is also an excellent but non-pushy communicator.  When she needs something she sits in front of us and places her paw on our lap and makes direct eye contact.  Kimber is excellent with our children, takes their correction and obeys them without any pushback.  Every night before she goes to bed she makes her rounds with Delta and checks on each kid.  The only difference between her and Delta is that Delta leaves their rooms after she knows they are safely tucked away, while Kimber makes sure she leaves their rooms with a souvenir such as a toy or a slipper, and hopes to escape unnoticed with her prize.  If she can pull it off, she always drops her "catch" in the living room and it's over!  This darling has no ego, no agenda and no desire other than to please us.  She is sure to be a favorite here at Liberty's West German Shepherds!  


Kimber has an amazing pedigree.  She is the granddaughter of our own BH IPO1 Pako von Ljulin.  It is amazing to us how much of Pako came through in Kimber.  She has his beautiful deep red pigment and gorgeous bone structure.  Kimber looks more like his daughter than his granddaughter, and for that we couldn't be more thrilled.  Everything from her beautiful black mask to her stable mindset is Pako.  Kimber's mother is the beautiful Delila von Capriole, daughter of Pako.  Her lines are filled with amazing dogs starting with Pako's sire VA1 IPO1 Yago von Ljulin, his dam IPO1 Mary von Ljulin, VA1 IPO1 Yosie vom Ritterburg, SG1 BG Vimo v Ritterburg, V SCHH3 Tyon vom Kottersbusch, VA1 IPO3 Yoker vom Leithawald, 2X VA1 SCHH3 Vegas du Haut Mansard, IPO1 Elza von Darion, V13 IPO3 OPO1 Akira vom Leithawald and so many more.

Kimber's sire is the magnificent Dakota von Capriole.  His pedigree is filled with equally as impressive dogs such as his sire Dracen vom Haus Cander, Jasko vom Haus Paris, SG SCHH1 VH1 Kinger van Heralmaborg, VA6 SCHH3 Nando vom Gollerweiher, VA1 V12 SCHH3 Yello vom St-Michaels-Berg, his dam Yawa von Ultimo, her sire SG SCHH3 Irano von Fichtenschlag, V IPO1 Mendy von Ultimo, 2X VA1 SCHH3 IPO3 Remo von Fichtenschlag, VA3 SCHH3 Viana vom Fichtenschlag, VA1 SCHH3 IPO3 Pakros d'Ulmental, and the list just keeps going.

With Kimber's very strong pedigree there's no doubt that this girl will continue the amazing lines she comes from.  Kimber will have her hips and elbows evaluated by either the SV in Germany or by the OFA.  Given the fact that Kimber's genetics are very consistent in quality hips and elbows, we anticiapte very positive results on Kimber's as well.  She is also DM Clear.  Kimber will be ready to start breeding in the winter of 2021, and we are eager to see what she will produce.

DakotaVonCapriole Headshot.jpg

Kimber's Parents

DelilaVonCapriole Headshot.jpg

Dakota von Capriole

HD/ED: Good/Normal

DM Clear

Weight: 105 lbs


Delila von Capriole

HD/ED: Good/Normal

DM Clear

Weight: 83 lbs

Photos of Dakota and Delila are used with the permission of Capriole Farm German Shepherds

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