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Gala von Bienewald
Romanian Import
DM Clear
SV Certified Hips and Elbows - A1/Normal

6 years old

Gala Headshot_edited.jpg

Our beautiful Gala has been retired.  After a very successful run of motherhood, Gala has earned a well-deserved rest.  This lovely dog is pure gold inside and out.  Gala is a medium drive female.  She is perfectly content to lay at my feet, yet she is ready to jump to her feet and have an adventure.  Gala loves the ball, is wonderful on the leash (a truly relaxing dog to take on walks) and is very well behaved in public.  She also loves nothing more than to go on car rides and is a great companion during those rides.

Gala is extremely amicable with people and animals.  She is the perfect definition of the family nanny.  She's always good to let the noise and activity of our kids take place, yet she isn't complacent.  She keeps her eye on the kids and makes sure all is well.  One thing that Gala pays close attention to is our kids when they swim in the pool.  She is at the ready when they are playing pool games and they yell and splash around.  She is ever watching to make sure all is well with them in the pool. 

One of my favorite moments that made me love Gala even more was when my kids were laying on the ground on a beautiful sunny afternoon fiddling with a caterpillar.  Their little heads were all together in a circle as they were deeply involved with the life of this caterpillar.  Gala was roaming around when she noticed the kids engrossed in their caterpillar.  She trotted over to them, stuck her head into the group of kids' heads, and looked at the caterpillar.  Once she determined that the kids were safe and that the caterpillar was harmless, she wagged her tail, licked her faces, and trotted off.  I feel like I'm always getting another look into her heart.  Even when she looks like she's not paying attention, you can be sure that nothing escapes Gala!

She is also a caregiver to any puppy around her.  It doesn't have to be her puppy.  It's a puppy, and that's good enough for Gala.  She lets puppies follow her everywhere and annoy her/crawl on her head, and she just accepts it as par for the course with puppies.  She was an excellent mother to her puppies.  No matter what, Gala's puppies took first priority in her heart and mind.  She is particularly bonded to, and good friends with Rhett.  He feels the same way about her.  Their friendship, understanding and trust of one another is really special.

I have seen Gala in every dynamic and challenging situation, and she moves me to near tears due to her consistent responses to every single challenge.  Grace.  This girl is pure grace.  Her temperament and patience never change.  It doesn't matter if Gala is faced with a stressful situation, or if she is recovering from surgery, pregnant, whelping, or unsure of what she's being asked to face.  Gala is grace under fire.  Consistent and stable at all times.  Never a grumble or even a curl of her lip.  It isn't in her.

I trust Gala completely with my children.  Any parent or grandparent can understand what a high bar must be set when saying that a dog is "completely trustworthy" with the most precious gifts in their life.  That complement doesn't come from me without deep meaning.  She obeys our kids the same way she obeys my husband and me.  She is the cheapest babysitter you'll ever have!!  Gala is excellent in her food manners and is not possessive of it at all (our kids can get in her face, touch her, and "help" her eat by hand feeding her).  She just wags her tail and enjoys the company. 


When we're outside, Gala stays right by my side like glue.  I can tell her to sit and stay and then walk away from her.  Gala will not get up until I tell her to, then she comes directly to me.  She is very conscious of pleasing me and strives to make me happy at all times.  Gala is my buddy, and it is my desire for her to go to a home where she will be respected and loved for the seasoned and tuned in female that she is.  She bonds easily with people and will have no problem finding room in her heart for a new family/owner.  I have an extremely high regard for my "Gala Girl".  A truly stable, level-headed, and kind female dog is not easy to come by.  My dear Gala checks all the boxes.  

Gala comes from lines that are consistently proven to have stable temperaments and top-notch pedigrees.  This girl is one of the best this country will see.  Her pedigree can be found on Pedigree Database.  Her pedigree can be viewed under the "Pedigree Search" heading.  Just type in her full registered name, Gala von Bienenwald, to look at her lineage.  


Gala is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm, intestinal parasite, flea and tick prevention.  She had a complete physical prior to listing her for sale and she also had a complete blood panel done.  Gala is in perfect health.  Please feel free to contact me for more info on this lovely dog. 

Gala Sitting Side 1_edited_edited.jpg

Waiting for her ball

Gala in kitchen_edited.jpg

My "Gala Girl" is always, always by my side no matter where I'm at.  The minute I move she wakes up and follows me.

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