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Master Yoda von Rogenkamp

Yoda sitting.jpg

Yoda at 1 year old 
           32 lbs            

He's full grown now, and a delightful little ball of energy and cheerful attitude.

Yoda standing.jpg

This is Yoda, the newest addition to our family.  He is a Rat Terrier from the best bloodlines in the United States.  We had a Rat Terrier when I was growing up, and I can say with confidence that any cat in the world will meet their match against these Rat Terriers! They are hands down the best little guardians, farm dogs, and eradicators that you will ever see.  When it comes to temperament, Rat Terriers are a German Shepherd in a smaller body.  They are excellent with kids, they love their family, have an excellent work ethic, and yet they don't have the high-strung temperament that other Terriers have. 


I was looking for a true Rat Terrier and could not find one anywhere.  Everything I found looked like it was mixed with a Jack Russel or a Fox Terrier.  My husband found Yoda's breeder and asked if that's what I was looking for.  BINGO!!!  I was thrilled to see that there is a breeder here in the U.S. that still breeds the true Rat Terrier that I had the joy of having as a kid. 


Yoda already bears all of the characteristics of a superb Rat Terrier.  These dogs are the absolute best at clearing a barn or property of ground squirrels, moles, mice, and even where applicable, rats.  If you have a squirrel problem, they will handle that too.  There is nothing that these bold, sweet, strong, intelligent little guys won't flush out and put an end to.  There is a Rat Terrier here in the U.S. who holds the record for clearing 2,500 rats from an infested barn in ONE day by itself!


If you are not a cat person (here, here), but you have a farm or property/house that needs attention and maintenance in the critter department, this breed is for you.  If you need a little herder, a family friend, a great watchdog, and a cheerful addition to your home/family, this breed is for you.  They will work diligently by day with no training at all and be your calm companion by night in your home.  Rat Terriers range between 18 and 25 pounds once fully grown and live anywhere between 15 and 20 years (some of them have been known to make it to 23 years old).


We are looking forward to Yoda removing all of the ground squirrels and moles from our property in no time.  He is such a low-key, observant and smart little guy.  This is indeed precisely what I was looking for for so long.  I feel so fortunate to have found this dog and a breeder who is working so diligently to keep this breed alive.

Please note that we do not breed or sell Rat Terriers, and that Yoda is NOT for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a Rat Terrier for your farm or home, or if you want a smaller and wonderful companion for your family, please feel free to drop me an email, text, or call me.  I am more than happy to direct you to the breeder.  Don't settle for less than the best bloodlines that hold true to the original Rat Terrier standard.  The breeder only breeds Rat Terriers that are clear for all of the genetic issues that some Rat Terriers can carry.

In the future I may consider renting Yoda out to do small scale jobs for those who are interested.  Check in periodically, as I will update this bio if I decide to go that route. 

Yoda stacked facing 2 (2022)_edited.jpg

Yoda at four months old 
                 18 lbs              

Yoda nose in snow (2022)_edited.jpg
Yoda Sitting - 8 weeks.jpg

Yoda at eight weeks old                      8 lbs                       

Yoda Stacked_edited.jpg
Yoda Belly Up - 8 weeks.jpg

This is Yoda, folks!

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